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True Independence

Really no words to mourn the passing of Donna Summer.  This is one of my favorites and always brings tears to my eyes.  That seems fitting.

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Dear Gay Community: Please Get Some New Spokesmodels

Has it really come down to this?  Clay Aiken appearing last Sunday on Face the Nation as a real life gay man (not the Will & Grace fake gay man who fake did so much to advance fake gay rights) in support of gay marriage.

Isn’t that the same Clay Aiken who vehemently denied for years that he was, in fact, gay?  Who only came out after his career was in the crapper and he was caught showing off his American Idol on the internet?

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The Biggest Idiots in New Jersey – Last Week

Picking an idiot on any episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey is like picking a donut, you really can’t go wrong.  But I think it important to recognize two particularly idiotic moments.

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The Last Supper – And They Served The Shark They Jumped

So that’s that.  The second season of Mob Wives wrapped up last Sunday and it officially jumped the shark and landed predictably in Real Housewives territory.

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On Second Thought, I Fully Support This

I was all ready to insult RHoNY Cindy Barshop and complain about her polluting mid-morning television twice in the past week.  But after a minute of reflection (i.e. the time it took to move the cursor to the publish button) I had a change of heart.

I fully support Cindy applying a cold laser with her cold heart to both Hoda Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford and their pickled innards.  Only good can come from that.

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Warning: Do NOT Flip Through Cable Movie Channels Late At Night

Nothing good will come of it.

But you might learn a few things.

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A Rose By Any Other Name

Does this look like an Ashley?

And no, I will not make a joke about her looking more like a Derrick.

But she was the Atlanta real estate agent on last night’s House Hunters and I thought she was pretty crappy.

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